Referrals. Are you getting them? Why not?- One woman’s story.

Referrals. Are you getting them? Why not?- One woman’s story.

Law of Attraction, Ask & You Shall Receive, Givers Gain.

We have all heard these philosophies in one form or another at sometime in our personal or business life. Each one asks for us to reach out to others, enrolling them in our dreams, and helping them realize their dreams and visions with exceptional results. These are the words that speak of our intentions and actions. I have made a promise to help others realize their dreams.

This article is written with the hope that it may help just one other person who felt as I did.

Do you think you are too old to start or continue your business? Are you emotionally tired? Are you having challenges getting the referrals you believe you should be getting? Are you going to the mixers, networking events and referral based meetings? Still not getting referrals? But you are Very Good at what you do and you Enlighten others to what you do. I’ve been there! So what was wrong??

The universe speaks to us in many languages, but it speaks with only one voice. This voice speaks the language of Hope. Hope is what I was missing, but I didn’t know it yet.

I had an epiphany this past year. A mind shift that was brought about through my involvement with Northern Nevada BNI Assistant Directorship, the courses I took and people I met at the Referral Institute of Northern Nevada. As a result of the strength and compassion provided during the training I received, these two organizations helped me realize I had stopped living.

How is that possible and why would it happen. How would this affect my business and my possibility of referrals? It took excellent A/D training from Willie Kerschner and the AHA moments in the Certified Networker Class with Glenna Smith to realize how.

Everyone in my family- parents, siblings, cousins, etc. had all passed away early in life. Given that I have been in a great deal of pain for the last 28 years, and from family experience, I had already passed the point of no return. I was living the last 8 years of my life with the intent that I would probably be dead before year-end. I was already on borrowed time. Not a good way to live- but I was working and plugging away.

No matter how good you are at what you do- if you want someone to refer you to another person or business, they have to like and trust you first. In order to like and trust you they must be able to understand who you are. Here it comes!!!!! The Big AHA!

I was not succeeding because people didn’t really know me. I didn’t want to let people get too close, if they knew the true me they would be hurt when I died.

Whoa!!!!!!! What a Revelation.

BNI and The Referral Institute are two organizations, due to their training and people, are the voices of my universe. The voice that says – no matter the pain, or the fear, we are working together in a common cause. We are committed to help each other succeed, to light the way to a better future.

What is stopping you from succeeding? It may not be a reason like mine. There is certainly something. I highly recommend becoming involved in a BNI Leadership position and taking the Certified Networker Course at the Referral Institute. They will help you find your reason.

Cathy French
BNI Assistant Director-Northern Nevada
Certified Networker Instructor – Referral Institute of Nevada
Owner- Lighthouse Business Solutions


2 Responses to “Referrals. Are you getting them? Why not?- One woman’s story.”

  1. Ivan Misner Says:

    Great story Cathy. Thanks for sharing it.

    Dr. Ivan Misner

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