Find Your Passion

Are you out of work?  Going to be laid off? Not happy with what you are doing but afraid to leave your job in this economy?  What do you need to do to be happy? 

What are you passionate about? What would you being doing if you did not have to worry about making a living.?

 If you are already out of work, why not try to make money with something you are passionate about. 

 It has taken me most of my life to realize what I am passionate about.  The funny thing is- It was my FIRST job.  My love and passion is teaching/training.  I loved what I was doing until the administration of the schools got in the way.   

For the next 30 years I filled in with many other jobs while traveling the US. Some of these jobs were in Sales, Executive Management, Finance and Flea Marketing. I was very successful with some of these and enjoyed others, but was I truly zealous about any of them?  I think back now and came to the conclusion that I was biding my time, until I realized what I truly needed again.

 When I became involved with Business Network International (BNI) I was representing a company in the sales position of that company- even though I was Director of Finance.  I listened and learned,  became involved in the leadership team positions, and decided I wanted to learn more. Through my involvement with BNI I found what I was missing.  I had my AHA Moment. 

Lifetime Learning ( I have always loved going to school)  and Giving back that learning to others is what I needed to be doing. I love training members with the information I have  learned from BNI, I love opening new chapters and passing the knowledge along to other businesses to help them make their business successful.  

 My Light has turned on!!!  It makes me happy.  Oh So! Happy.  Do I still have to make a living?  Of course I do.  I now own my own Bookkeeping  Business and spend some of my week in the Real Estate office making use of my RE license.

My goal is to teach, train and coach on a full time basis again some day.  The fact that I have reignited my passion, has given me a new lease on life and I plan to be around for many years to complete my mission. 

What is your Light- What is your Passion.  Take the opportunity now, especially now, to find your life, your love, your happiness in what you do.


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