Eggs & Customer Service

What could these two have in Common?

Everything- Read On!

Have you ever gone out to a restaurant for a nice relaxing breakfast?  This is the perfect way to start what you know will be a long and eventful day. You order eggs, sausage (or bacon) with hash browns & toast.  A simple meal.

 The wait staff asks-“  “ How do you Like your Eggs?”

Remember that question- Keep it in mind! 

Now in my case, I am very particular about my eggs.  I really do try to make it crystal clear-“How I like MY Eggs”.  Very succinctly I say-“Very Soft Scrambled”  Now what kind of picture does that put in your mind? – Throw the eggs in a pan, mix them up a bit and serve them a bit runny- Right?      

 I don’t like them runny, but I do like them moist and fluffy.  Of course, the best way to make them is with a bit a milk or cottage cheese mixed in. Unfortunately most restaurants don’t do it that way.  SO I have learned to ask for Very Soft Scrambled Eggs.  

I am ready now to sit back and enjoy my coffee and breakfast when here it comes. Boy, that was fast.  Hash Browns- look great, my bacon is crisp, my eggs- oh no-my eggs are- dry, stuck together and have that yellow crust on them. 

The wait staff has already taken off and I never see them again until I get the check. (They knew the eggs were not soft).  I understand the wait staff doesn’t cook the eggs, but why deliver them when it is so obvious these are not the eggs I ordered. 

Does Anything Sound Familiar????  I hope I am not being unreasonable. For my $7.00 or more, I just want a good meal and some great customer service. 

After many trials and errors, I can say I have finally found  a terrific restaurant, that believes in the concept of Great Customer Service.  Every time I have eaten there, not only are my eggs soft and fluffy, the rest of my breakfast is equally as good.  Coffee is plentiful and everyone on the staff is helpful, smiling and providing great service. 

Therefore, I want to Thank the Staff in the Chuckwagon Restaurant at the Pioneer Casino in Fernley for

Always Doing It Right.

Cathy French/ Owner- Lighthouse Bookkeeping in Fernley

Assistant Director Northern Nevada BNI (Business Network International)


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