Referrals. Are you getting them? Why not?- One woman’s story.

January 8, 2010

Referrals. Are you getting them? Why not?- One woman’s story.

Law of Attraction, Ask & You Shall Receive, Givers Gain.

We have all heard these philosophies in one form or another at sometime in our personal or business life. Each one asks for us to reach out to others, enrolling them in our dreams, and helping them realize their dreams and visions with exceptional results. These are the words that speak of our intentions and actions. I have made a promise to help others realize their dreams.

This article is written with the hope that it may help just one other person who felt as I did.

Do you think you are too old to start or continue your business? Are you emotionally tired? Are you having challenges getting the referrals you believe you should be getting? Are you going to the mixers, networking events and referral based meetings? Still not getting referrals? But you are Very Good at what you do and you Enlighten others to what you do. I’ve been there! So what was wrong??

The universe speaks to us in many languages, but it speaks with only one voice. This voice speaks the language of Hope. Hope is what I was missing, but I didn’t know it yet.

I had an epiphany this past year. A mind shift that was brought about through my involvement with Northern Nevada BNI Assistant Directorship, the courses I took and people I met at the Referral Institute of Northern Nevada. As a result of the strength and compassion provided during the training I received, these two organizations helped me realize I had stopped living.

How is that possible and why would it happen. How would this affect my business and my possibility of referrals? It took excellent A/D training from Willie Kerschner and the AHA moments in the Certified Networker Class with Glenna Smith to realize how.

Everyone in my family- parents, siblings, cousins, etc. had all passed away early in life. Given that I have been in a great deal of pain for the last 28 years, and from family experience, I had already passed the point of no return. I was living the last 8 years of my life with the intent that I would probably be dead before year-end. I was already on borrowed time. Not a good way to live- but I was working and plugging away.

No matter how good you are at what you do- if you want someone to refer you to another person or business, they have to like and trust you first. In order to like and trust you they must be able to understand who you are. Here it comes!!!!! The Big AHA!

I was not succeeding because people didn’t really know me. I didn’t want to let people get too close, if they knew the true me they would be hurt when I died.

Whoa!!!!!!! What a Revelation.

BNI and The Referral Institute are two organizations, due to their training and people, are the voices of my universe. The voice that says – no matter the pain, or the fear, we are working together in a common cause. We are committed to help each other succeed, to light the way to a better future.

What is stopping you from succeeding? It may not be a reason like mine. There is certainly something. I highly recommend becoming involved in a BNI Leadership position and taking the Certified Networker Course at the Referral Institute. They will help you find your reason.

Cathy French
BNI Assistant Director-Northern Nevada
Certified Networker Instructor – Referral Institute of Nevada
Owner- Lighthouse Business Solutions


Find Your Passion

May 23, 2009

Are you out of work?  Going to be laid off? Not happy with what you are doing but afraid to leave your job in this economy?  What do you need to do to be happy? 

What are you passionate about? What would you being doing if you did not have to worry about making a living.?

 If you are already out of work, why not try to make money with something you are passionate about. 

 It has taken me most of my life to realize what I am passionate about.  The funny thing is- It was my FIRST job.  My love and passion is teaching/training.  I loved what I was doing until the administration of the schools got in the way.   

For the next 30 years I filled in with many other jobs while traveling the US. Some of these jobs were in Sales, Executive Management, Finance and Flea Marketing. I was very successful with some of these and enjoyed others, but was I truly zealous about any of them?  I think back now and came to the conclusion that I was biding my time, until I realized what I truly needed again.

 When I became involved with Business Network International (BNI) I was representing a company in the sales position of that company- even though I was Director of Finance.  I listened and learned,  became involved in the leadership team positions, and decided I wanted to learn more. Through my involvement with BNI I found what I was missing.  I had my AHA Moment. 

Lifetime Learning ( I have always loved going to school)  and Giving back that learning to others is what I needed to be doing. I love training members with the information I have  learned from BNI, I love opening new chapters and passing the knowledge along to other businesses to help them make their business successful.  

 My Light has turned on!!!  It makes me happy.  Oh So! Happy.  Do I still have to make a living?  Of course I do.  I now own my own Bookkeeping  Business and spend some of my week in the Real Estate office making use of my RE license.

My goal is to teach, train and coach on a full time basis again some day.  The fact that I have reignited my passion, has given me a new lease on life and I plan to be around for many years to complete my mission. 

What is your Light- What is your Passion.  Take the opportunity now, especially now, to find your life, your love, your happiness in what you do.

Eggs & Customer Service

May 14, 2009

What could these two have in Common?

Everything- Read On!

Have you ever gone out to a restaurant for a nice relaxing breakfast?  This is the perfect way to start what you know will be a long and eventful day. You order eggs, sausage (or bacon) with hash browns & toast.  A simple meal.

 The wait staff asks-“  “ How do you Like your Eggs?”

Remember that question- Keep it in mind! 

Now in my case, I am very particular about my eggs.  I really do try to make it crystal clear-“How I like MY Eggs”.  Very succinctly I say-“Very Soft Scrambled”  Now what kind of picture does that put in your mind? – Throw the eggs in a pan, mix them up a bit and serve them a bit runny- Right?      

 I don’t like them runny, but I do like them moist and fluffy.  Of course, the best way to make them is with a bit a milk or cottage cheese mixed in. Unfortunately most restaurants don’t do it that way.  SO I have learned to ask for Very Soft Scrambled Eggs.  

I am ready now to sit back and enjoy my coffee and breakfast when here it comes. Boy, that was fast.  Hash Browns- look great, my bacon is crisp, my eggs- oh no-my eggs are- dry, stuck together and have that yellow crust on them. 

The wait staff has already taken off and I never see them again until I get the check. (They knew the eggs were not soft).  I understand the wait staff doesn’t cook the eggs, but why deliver them when it is so obvious these are not the eggs I ordered. 

Does Anything Sound Familiar????  I hope I am not being unreasonable. For my $7.00 or more, I just want a good meal and some great customer service. 

After many trials and errors, I can say I have finally found  a terrific restaurant, that believes in the concept of Great Customer Service.  Every time I have eaten there, not only are my eggs soft and fluffy, the rest of my breakfast is equally as good.  Coffee is plentiful and everyone on the staff is helpful, smiling and providing great service. 

Therefore, I want to Thank the Staff in the Chuckwagon Restaurant at the Pioneer Casino in Fernley for

Always Doing It Right.

Cathy French/ Owner- Lighthouse Bookkeeping in Fernley

Assistant Director Northern Nevada BNI (Business Network International)

30 Ways To Help You Make More Money

April 17, 2009

Here are small business services that will help you Make & Save Money:

  1. Send out customer statements on time so you can get paid
  2. File all customer invoices so that nothing gets lost
  3. Track late payments in order to resolve these problems quickly
  4. Ensure that you stop serving customers who aren’t paying their bills
  5. Safeguard good customer relations by properly recording all payments
  6. Accurately calculate interest, and collect it from overdue accounts
  7. Reduce the need to borrow money due to poor cash flow
  8. Ensure that you don’t lose sales because items are out-of-stock
  9. Stop wasting money buying more of what isn’t selling
  10. Set your sales prices based on profit instead of conjecture
  11. Concentrate on selling the most profitable items instead of the easiest ones
  12. Identify profitable cross-selling opportunities
  13. Avoid selling products at a loss because you don’t take markdowns on time
  14. Know which money-making product lines to expand, and which ones to drop because they’re money-losers
  15. Discover theft before it becomes a problem
  16. Never pay a bill twice by mistake
  17. Never lose a discount by paying a vendor late
  18. Reduce the need to borrow by planning for your payment due dates
  19. Maintain your good credit rating and keep your borrowing costs low
  20. Obtain better credit terms based on your good payment history
  21. Know how much payroll and sales taxes you owe, in order to avoid penalties and interest
  22. Never write a bad check
  23. Never pay another bad check service charge
  24. Make sure all your cash receipts are credited to your account
  25. Know when you have excess cash so that you can put it to work
  26. Track your expenses in detail so you know which ones can be reduced
  27. Never spend beyond your budget
  28. Get the maximum tax deductions for the expenses of running your business
  29. Learn how much profit you’ve made, and what your business is worth each month in order to:
    • Know when it’s the right time to grow
    • Know when it’s the right time to hold back
    • Plan accurately for taxes
    • Comply with the reporting requirements of any business loan
    • Respond immediately to any supplier’s or customer’s request for financial information
  30. Figure your profit on a cash or accrual basis so you pay the lowest taxes

Budding Author wants to help others.

April 17, 2009

Hi All

     Budding Author from Lighthouse Bookkeeping Services is starting a paper/newsletter called the Penny Pincher.  I want to help Northern Nevada BNI Members with another avenue to advertise their businesses and Lyon County Households with a way to list “For Sale” items.  I will also include any article written by a BNI Member that is networking or their business related.

Hello world!

February 23, 2009

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